Vinna Vel

VinnaVel helps personal trainers conduct specialized evaluations and manage the information of clients who have completed these evaluations.

Trainers at Vinna Fitness juggle several different paper materials when conducting Functional Movement System (FMS) screenings. These materials include a workbook, a medical form, and an FMS scoring form. VinnaVel was developed by a team of developers to help trainers streamline their process. I evaluated this initial prototype, conducted primary user research, and created a second prototype with my proposed changes.


Cognitive Walkthrough

In order to understand what aspects of the initial prototype were working from a usability perspective and which could be improved, I conducted an in-depth cognitive walkthrough of the entire application. Each task that could be accomplished using the app was broken down into individual actions, and those actions were evaluated based on 1) mental model match, 2) visibility, 3) consistency, and 4) feedback.

Contextual Inquiry

A group of five students, including myself, observed a trainer from Vinna Fitness as he conducted an FMS screening using the traditional paper forms. This allowed us to get to know his workflow and how the materials fit into it. One thing we discovered is that the trainer uses several paper forms and a spiral-bound workbook during the evaluation, which means that information is not consolidated in one place. He also needed to set these materials down frequently because of the hands-on nature of the screening.


User Testing

After observing the trainer using the method he would normally use, we asked him to complete a few pre-defined tasks using the Vinna Vel application that had been created by the developers. We tested the app as-is without making any changes yet, but we also presented a few low-fidelity concepts to get a gauge on what the trainer might find useful (or not).


Sketches & Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Taking into consideration what I learned during the research phase, I created some hand-sketched wireframes and task flows to explore my ideas. Once I had defined the major changes I wanted to make, I started creating mid-fidelity wireframes in Adobe Illustrator. The main task flow I was proposing changes to was the FMS screening itself, so that is where I focused on creating wireframes for the entire task flow. 


Clickable Prototype

Creating a prototype for the redesigned Vinna Vel app involved bringing my digital wireframes into InVision and adding interactivity via hotspots. This prototype includes task flows for conducting an FMS screening and for viewing groups that contract with Vinna Fitness for the screenings.